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Our Beliefs

We believe that if you’re picking up someone’s poop, you love them like family.
We believe in taking care of family and doing good things with good people.
We believe your pets deserve the best quality at a fair price.
We believe you should be able to trust the brands you buy from.
We believe guarantees shouldn’t have an expiration date.
We believe in winning over lifelong clients, not one-off customers.


Our Mission

We seek to solve pet owners’ biggest problems with premium solutions at affordable prices. Quality products, rock-solid guarantees, and smile-inducing service define and drive us.

Why Us?

We're perfect for the pet parent that considers their pet to be family and not property, who values quality and top-notch service. When you use Bonnie and Clyde products, you ensure that your pet gets the best on the market.

  • We only use the highest grade materials in our products
  • We are available: talk directly to us, either by email, phone, or on social networks
  • We will donate a portion of our end of year profits to non-profit animal organizations such as Courageous Companions to help provide veterans with service dogs to overcome PTSD and physical trauma
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed ─ you will be happy with our products or get your money back

Who are Bonnie and Clyde?

Bonnie and Clyde are the two fantastic cats* we named this brand after. A couple winters ago, my fiancee and I found them in a barn. They both had bad respiratory infections and looked starving. With temperatures quickly dropping, we knew they wouldn't survive in the barn over the next few weeks.

Seeing these two white kittens together, brother and sister, they were so irresistible that the decision was easy. We brought them home and started taking care of them.

We ordered them a cat tree online, but while waiting for it to arrive, we decided to build them a temporary one. Since we’d just moved, we had plenty of cardboard boxes laying around. The resulting contraption had questionable structural integrity, but it was effective for a short while.

...a very short while

After several veterinarian visits for vaccinations... Clyde chewing through a power cord and electrocuting himself... some more vet visits because of that... and a few months of warmth and good food, they were getting healthy and growing quickly.

Today, they are both very accomplished felines. Clyde is curious and playful, while Bonnie is clumsy and cuddly. They spend their days sitting in our office chair, playing with each other, sleeping, and laying down on our computers or books when we're using them.

Bonnie seen here being both clumsy and cuddly

The Start

As a young man, I did four years of service in the army, followed by corporate B2B sales for some time. I really liked the work as I got to meet people from all over the world and help them solve big problems, but something was missing. I was driven to entrepreneurship and wanted to start my own business.

After doing some soul searching, I was convinced I could find some way to help pet parents. Having decided on a market that I was going to serve, I had to hunt down a problem to solve. I started looking for common complaints on product review sites and forums.

I found people who were giving fish oil to their dogs that were also adding vitamin E as a separate supplement, to compensate for the added fatty acids. I spent a long time researching this to understand why, and also to understand the beneficial effects of omega-3 in dogs.

With my research I learned about the different types of vitamin E and how they’re absorbed by dogs. I learned about the difference between synthetic and natural vitamin E; the differences between salmon oil, oily fish blends, and other oils; farmed fish versus wild-caught; triglyceride versus ethyl ester oils.

Meanwhile, the cats guarded the laundry hamper

This guided my design of the product. I also got the help of a fantastic veterinary nutritionist who guided me in the formulation. I immediately got to work sourcing the materials and finding a manufacturer who could mass-produce the product. We had to figure out exactly what kind of bottle and what kind of pump to use, so I had them send me a bunch of different types to test out.

Surprisingly, there is actually a range of quality in pumps, and after some testing we picked the one that had the smoothest action and sturdiest feel to it. After some back-and-forths with our factory, we had finally settled on the materials to be used.

With that, the first product was ready to be launched! Bonnie and Clyde’s Wild Omega-3 for Dogs went live online the 7th of June 2015 and was completely out of stock by the end of August. This coming year holds much promise for us, as we expand into Canadian retail stores.

The feedback from the dog loving community has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re looking forward to releasing several other great products in the very near future.

I appreciate the support of all our current clients, and hope that you’ll give us a try if you aren’t already one of them!

Kind regards,


Founder, Bonnie and Clyde Pet Goods

*If Bonnie and Clyde Are Cats, Why Is Clyde a Dog in Your Logo?

We decided to make Clyde a dog, in order to be able to make products for both dog owners and cat owners. Plus, dogs are awesome.