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Wild Omega-3 Fish Oil Product Page

Pure, Clean, and Delicious

Crafted in Iceland from sustainably caught, wild ocean fish. Packed with natural source vitamin E from sunflowers, a powerful and biologically active antioxidant. Non-GMO, soy free, with highly bioavailable ingredients. More concentrated than salmon, pollock, krill, and cod liver oil. Your dog will love the rich flavor; you’ll love the complete lack of fish burps.

For Skin, Coat, Joint, and Heart Support

Numerous studies have shown benefits from dietary fish oil supplementation in dogs that are deficient in omega-3. Fish oil may help support dogs that have problems with:
    1. Skin and coat health
    2. Joint problems, osteoarthritis
    3. Neurological, cognition problems
    4. Cardiovascular health
    5. Inflammatory or autoimmune disease
    6. Renal disease and gastrointestinal health

Powerful Antioxidant: Natural Vitamin E

Studies have shown that dogs need more vitamin E when consuming more dietary fats. That's why we've added natural vitamin E, in “d-alpha tocopherol” form. This acts a powerful antioxidant in the oil and in your dog's body. A large portion of vitamin E that's available is derived from soy. The vitamin E we use is from non-GMO sunflowers, so that dogs with soy allergies can still use our product.
It keeps the oil fresh for longer and can help support your dog’s cardiovascular health, immune system, as well as skin and coat health. Provided in the more bio-available natural form, instead of the synthetic dl-alpha tocopherol.” This natural form is more easily absorbed by your dog than the cheaper synthetic derivatives.

Quality You Can Trust

Our Wild Omega-3 Fish Oil is human grade, wild caught, and sustainably fished. Manufactured in a 100% carbon neutral, ISO-9001, and GMP-certified facility. We take every step to ensure that your dog gets nothing but the absolute best product.

Highly Bio-Available

We don't put any ALA ─ alpha linolenic acid from plant oils like flaxseed or hempseed ─ in our blend. This is because it needs to be converted to EPA and DHA in your dog’s body, which reduces the efficiency of the product.
Bonnie and Clyde's Omega-3 oil is in TG (triglyceride) form which is more easily absorbed by your dog than EE (ethyl ester) oils. We make sure that your dog can get the maximum benefit from our product.

Made with You and Your Dogs in Mind

Shipped to your doorstep, in a sealed and secured bottle. In addition, you will receive a disc-top cap, and a 2ml pump. Use the pump to directly apply the oil to your dog's food in the recommended serving sizes. Alternately, with the disc-top cap, you can pour the oil directly onto your dog's food or measuring cup.

Is Your Dog Worth $0.29 Per Day?

For a dog that weighs 50 pounds, the bottle will last 99 days. Per day, the cost will be $0.29, to reap all the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and natural vitamin E for your dog.

    Invest in your dog's future, today. Order now and give us a chance to enhance your dog's life.